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What's Crispin Dopamine all about? 

Crispin dopamine is the representation of the most authentic Venezuelan tradition, the Tequeño, handcrafted with high quality ingredients, taking care of all the details to perfection, in order to offer you bites of emotion that will fill you with joy and pleasure.

The Tequeño are one the best Venezuelan food products that sell millions worldwide, people from all over the world love them. Our company wants to give the state of New York a taste of this Venezuelan goodie!

Our Tequeño are made from a delicious crispy whole flour dough and filled with a variety good cheeses, such as: white Venezuelan white cheese, jack-pepper cheese, ghost pepper cheese, smoked cheese, and more!

What makes our company special is that we incorporate organic superfoods into our dough, to make them extra good for your health and also make them colorful and delicious.

Ask for our best seller the chocolate one, you can't believe it!


Westchester, New York. 10563


+1 914 309 5887



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